Taking a step back…

We need only to log into our Facebook and Instagram accounts to join the fun of people watching. But after some thought I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how entertaining people watching can be…it can ultimately lead to discontentment. It can lead to questioning our own journey and comparing our lives to those who we find are doing better than we are. I’m not discounting that FB and IG are good places to connect, to share milestones, to celebrate life, love and happiness, but I do think there is a point when social media can become too much. Social media is a platform used by many and each person has their own intentions and motivations but even good things can become tainted. And if we are honest with ourselves we can tell when we need to take a step back from those platforms. Some of the common indicators that I’ve seen firsthand is the feeling that one’s life isn’t exciting enough, or that our own accomplishments aren’t good enough. We start to second guess the blessings that are all over our lives due to the fact that our blessings don’t look like those belonging to someone else. Sometimes it is good to take a break from social media; to be reminded of our blessings both small and large, and to fall in love with our journey and our walk regardless of what other people may be experiencing. My prayer is that when we choose to take a step back from the world and take a good look around that we will be quickly reminded of how present God has been in our own lives.

My life may never look like the well-manicured lives of those portrayed on social media and that is OK. My life was never meant to be a carbon copy but to be my own; original, full of twists and turns, overflowing with love, light and God’s direction.


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