Learning as I go…

Sometimes our focus is so narrow that we can’t see or appreciate the bumps along the journey for what they are. For me, they are life lessons designed to slow me down and redirect me to the source; God. Honestly, the bumps that I encounter don’t feel good but I believe in those moments God is bringing me back to a place where I can reflect on what my motives are. Are all of my efforts for my personal glory or for God?

As I sit here writing I recall one of my recent bumps—not feeling like my photography was “good enough”. In that moment I forgot that my talents and my gifts are to bring God glory. In that moment I wasn’t meditating on the fact it is God who placed this gift within me. All I could seem to do in that moment was compare myself to others. But God didn’t allow me to stay in my pity party for long. I was reminded that it is God who makes these wonderful opportunities available for me and He wouldn’t place me where I am today if He thought that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I realize now that I am my worst critic and I am a lot harder on myself and a lot more critical of my work than others—which is both a GOOD (pushes me to get better and learn more) and a BAD (negative evaluations of my own work which causes an increase in stress and anxiety of how I will perform) thing.

My goal is to put God in the forefront. To remind myself daily why I started and why I need to keep on going. My goal is to share the beauty of God’s creation with the world and I hope that you’ll journey with me as I travel along this thing called life.


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