Summer in the winter: Costa Rica


This past December I wanted to celebrate my birthday a little different. Being a December baby generally means that my birthday is spent cold but if you ask me that is no way to spend a birthday. I knew I wanted a warm birthday and it was only a matter of time before my dream would become reality.

Initially I planned to visit Costa Rica as a solo trip but I was blessed when a good friend of mine decided to come with. It’s amazing how time away from home in a new place and with good company can be healing, humbling and restorative. I didn’t know what to expect on my first trip to Costa Rica but God always knows how to surprise me.

IMG_20151128_142950I challenged myself on this trip and I decided that I wouldn’t allow fear to keep me from trying new things and truly celebrating life. I spent each day on the beach enchanted by the waves as well as the calmness of the water. I spent an afternoon navigating the streets of Tamarindo on an ATV and was pleasantly surprised that we ended our 45 minute ride at a beautiful white sand beach. I got abroad a catamaran and spent an afternoon with amazing people from different parts of the world enjoying good food, great drinks and great conversation. I jumped off a boat and into the sea. I watched the sunset as I traveled by boat back to mainland. I fell in love with a country that was once only a dream.


My friends call me the world traveler and every time they do I laugh. I laugh and I thank God for the privilege that it has been to travel to new places, to fall in love with cultures and history, to meet amazing people and the photograph the sites that God lays before my eyes.

My adventures are not about passport stamps but the see the beauty of the world outside of my neighborhood and to get out of my comfort zone. With every opportunity to explore and to go on an adventure I truly thank God for the resources, the privilege and the opportunity to see these things come to fruition.


It’s just me enjoying the journey.


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